205 Lake Ave, Traverse City, MI
Inside the Om Cafe

Big Toe is a Michigan beer company specializing in small batch, hand crafted, bottle conditioned beers. Come on in and experience beer...the way beer was intended.

Come find us on the Traverse City Ale Trail. Download map here.

Our Beers

A true light beer, Big Toe's Lyght
Ale is the perfect blend of pilsner
malt, rice sugars and hops. Brewed
for those that prefer lighter beers
with a more subtle hop profile.

A unique blend of hops, malt and quinoa.
Q is a crisp refreshing beer with a slightly
nutty after-taste. Since Q's creation it has
quickly become one of our more popular

A dandelion infused beer, 3-D provides the perfect
blend of the bitter flower and a sweet malt profile.
Light in body, large in flavor.

Not your traditional IPA, Big Toe IPA
is brewed with 50% more hops than traditional
IPAs. Compounded with a substantially higher
ABV (that's alcohol content) Big Toe IPA offers
a unique blend of malt and hops. Nicknamed
"Big TIPA" this beer will please the beer aficionado
as well as the hard lemonade drinker alike.

Contact us at info@bigtoebrewery.com
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